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Using these four factors, the team at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich managed to find two positive feedback loops that steadily influence how much each bitcoin was worth. The first “reinforcement cycle” involves a spike in the amount of online searches being carried out around the currency. This leads to more chatter about Bitcoins, and in turn prompts a rise in its value. This makes a lot of sense — the more public attention something gets, the more people will invest and the more its price will surge. The second feedback loop involves a rise in search volume which makes more people download the software and join in the mining pools that generate coins. This too tends to lead to a rise in the nominal value of Bitcoins. Trouble is, these can often be just spikes.

Google has tried entering the payment space with the discontinued Google Checkout and Google Wallet. Amazon is targeting the mobile payment space through acquisition of GoPago , as well as challenging Square with a planned launch of a similar payment processing solution . Facebook, on the other hand, is targeting the $500+ billion global remittance market . The common denominator for the challengers is that the majority of the companies are targeting the payment processing space. Both Bank of America and Capital One say not to worry, since this is old news and it only disrupts the peripherals of the banking value chain. But the real implication as with any form of value chain disruption is the probability of payment processing becoming a commodity. A catalyst for a commoditization of payment processing is the introduction of cryptocurrencies and new payment protocols like bitcoin and Ripple , which renders clearing obsolete and dramatically lowers the transaction cost for merchants.

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Already, thousands of restaurants and retail stores allow credit card payments via NFC. All you have to do is tap your card onto the machine to make your purchase. In the future we could see something similar with Bitcoin for example clothes, different forms of jewelry, smart bands, keychains or even stickers embedded with NFC tags that facilitate BTC transactions.

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The Big Difference The big difference between these two technologies is that WhatsApp was immediately useful. There are no practical use cases for bitcoin today. Bitcoin is held as a speculative investment. Bitcoin investors believe efficient digital cash will be very useful in the future.

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She had saved up about $75,000. But she used most of that money to pay for law school. Now she admits she may have to find a new job to be able to afford retirement or else “end up living with my sisters.” But even if she had more resources, Collins wouldn’t necessarily put them into stocks.